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Verne, Antonio & Dave had some great days and got to sail a Norm Cross 50 ft. Trimaran

Verne, Antonio & Dave had some great days and got to sail a Norm Cross 50 ft. Trimaran

Here are the pictures from Verne 7 day course. His son Antonio showed up for a few days and Dave from Chicago had was with us for 4 out of the 7 days. We had one really great dolphin day along with the chance to sail Paul and Jo’s Norm Cross 50 foot trimaran, a real piece of sailing history!! 

I have a video I will post on our sailing course and some of Verne’s ID pictures of dolphins soon!! Thanks everyone!!



Paul & Jo completed 101 in 3 days, now they own a Norm Cross 50!!

Paul and Jo had three nice days of sailing in the middle of March. We even got to see a nice group of common dolphin about 5 miles off shore. Unfortunately we didn’t get a local bottle nose dolphin day. After completing the 101 basic keel boat they went ahead a purchased a piece of sailing history. A Norm Cross 50 ketch rigged multihull. I will get the pictures posted of that boat pronto!!


Dan & Jim three days of perfect summer wind!

The beauty of sailing in summer is the warm water of the Sea of Cortez. So with that in mind Dan from Colorado and Jim from Alaska, who now lives in Yuma had three perfect days of 8 – 10 knot winds and 80 degree water.
I will get the pictures posted shortly. I am actually doing mt first blog post with an Android smart phone and the WordPress app!

Dan, Brady, Chris and Jon from Utah: dolphins, turtles mantas and sea lions plus some fish!

Seven great days of sailing with the boys from Utah. We had almost every conceivable condition you could get, first day during the memorial day regatta was a strong north westerly wind with many days of great southerly winds to follow. Dan, Brady, Chris and Jon had some wonderful Sea of Cortes moments. Two great bottle nose dolphin sailing days were recorded during our week. During those days I was able to get some great ID shots for our new dolphin catalog we are starting up for WorldsAquarium. We also spotted a few sea lions in the bay and the last day was particularly interesting with great spear fishing plus a turtle and three manta’s observed. We even stopped a commercial fisherman from trying to hook one of those manta’s up for dinner!! So seven great sailing days at the end of May! Thanks to the boys from Utah for coming down!!! I will be working on the video over the next week of so and post it when finished!!