Learn to Sail in San Carlos Sea of Cortes

If you should choose to take your sailing course in San Carlos, the gateway to the Sea of Cortes you have chosen well. (Map of Sonora) San Carlos has dozens of anchorages. Do you want to sail in hard core conditions or do you want to sail in moderate seas and protected bays. San Carlos really does have it all. Bahia San Francisco is well protected by the volcanic plug and shear cliffs of Punta Doble at it’s northern edge. This means that the strong northwesterly winds that we get in spring winter and fall blow through the bay but the high volcanic point keeps the seas flat. With that said do you want to train in seriously nice swells and be truly challenged? We have that to here in San Carlos. For the challenging conditions we venture far past the point at Punta Doble and get into the famous Sea of Cortes chop. After tacking and jibing out in the open we get to venture back into the bay for some flat water sailing.

We have 3, 5 or 7 day sailing packages available and these packaged can be done as a live aboard or a combination of live aboard and day sailing. We can of course customize a package for you at any time. To book a course simply call us or drop us an email. Check our online calendar for course availability. If there is no course listed on the dates you are interested in that means the dates are open. Once you have booked a course we will try to fill it up other students. We usually teach about 4 students maximum but our 41 foot islander “Molly J” in Cancun can do up to 6 students.

Below are our base prices and remember we can customize a trip for your if you of any duration and take you anywhere you like in the Sea of Cortes!

Copy of Prices Below are for Day Sailing Packages

CoursePrice per personPrice pp/double occ.
Discover Sailing Couse/ 4 hours of instruction $395 dollars up to 4 people in groupPrice is for group not per person
Basic Keel Boat 101$495$445
Basic Coastal Cruising 103$495$445
Bareboat Charter 104 *one night spent on boat$575$500
Cruising Catamaran 114 * pricing in Cancun
not yet available

Prices listed in table above are non live aboard sailing courses
depart & return from the marina San Carlos daily
Approximately 16 hours of instruction over 2 or 3 day period

Copy of 5 Day Combo Package

CoursePrice Per Personprice pp/double occ.three peoplefour people
101-103 combo$1500$1150$950$850
103-104 combo$1500$1150$950$850
104 only$1000$850$700$650
114 only $1000$850$700$650
104- 114 combo$2000$1400$950$850

5 day combo courses listed above are based on a 5 day format with 3 days of local sailing and a 2 day 1 night live aboard.

7 day sailing courses for the highly motivated students

Number of live aboard daysOne SailorTwo Sailors Three Sailors Four Sailors
First three levels of ASA
101, 103, 104: 7 day Course
7 day 6 night live aboard
First three levels of ASA
101, 103, 104: 7 day Course
4 local days sailing
3 day (2 night) live aboard
First three levels of ASA
101, 103, 104: 7 day Course
5 local days sailing
2 day ( 1 night) live aboard

7 day courses listed above are for the highly motivated sailors who really want to see the what an incredible area we have to sail in. These trips can go up the coast of Sonora all the way to the Biosphere reserve at San Pedro Martir (the most remote island in the Sea of Cortes) to the extinct volcano of Isla Tortuga and the historic mining town of Santa Rosalia.