Kite Boarding

                 Pictured above: Kites fly in front of La Sierra del Aquaje Mountains, Algodones beach San Carlos, Sonora Mexico



Ok so here is the scoop on kite boarding in San Carlos. October to April is considered to be the best time to kite, reason being a fairly consistent north westerly wind which blows side on shore at all the beaches in the area. Now just because the wind is more consistent in winter spring and fall doesn’t mean you can not kite any time of year in San Carlos. In Summer you can kite an occasional nor†h westerly wind but you can most definitely kite the southerly winds.


October to April: This is the best time of year and our main season. Good north westerly winds that blow side on shore from 15 to 25 knots. Our best winds occur after a low pressure system has pushed through the four corners area and then is followed by a strong high pressure system. This will produce our winds that can blow for up to 5 days in a row or more. The wind usually starts to blow around early afternoon or late morning and reaches it peak sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon but can continue to blow until sunsett. The locals have a saying which aptly describes the winter winds here, Febero Loco, Marzo otro Poco, which means February  is crazy and March a bit less. February can blow 20 days or more depending on the quiver of kites that you possess. I have friends that have sailed over 20 days in February albeit some of those days may have been light wind days. Water Temperature in February can be in the upper 50’s so make sure you have adequate thermal protection. The first week or two in October the water temperature can still be in the 80’s but by the end of October and beginning of November the temperature will drop fast.


Learning to Kite Board in San Carlos Mexico from Vince Radice on Vimeo.

My wife and I shot the above video for a T.V. show we produced a few years back for the state run channel Telemax

May: Tends to be the lightest wind month of the year but I have sailed several great days in May they are usually few and far between though. Water temperature will be in 70’s at the star of may and in the low 80’s most likely by the end of the month.

June: You can still get an occasional North wind in the first week of June if you are lucky and over the years I have sailed many wonderful days the fist week in June but after that the flow will be mostly souther winds. Water temp is in the 80’s and the water will start to clear up and get blue.

July to September: Again you will get to sail light southerly winds  which tend to start blowing late morning and then start to die out early afternoon.  Water temperature will be in the upper 80’s and watch out for Aqua Malas, the local name for Jelly Fish or Portuguese Man of War.

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I have created a custom map for everyone to show you the main spots for kiting around San Carlos you must zoom out several clicks to see all the beaches, then zoom back in.

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