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This is a blog for all of our sailing students. I blog about each course so students will have a brief record of their course on line.

Mark, Robert and Lucas good wind nice weather at the end of March!

So we did several days on Sandia and a few days on Marc’s 35 Cal which was a great boat to sail. Very much rigged like our 32 Ericson. The Cal 35 has a well positioned main sheet right in front of the companion way which makes sheeting and jibbing the boat a piece of cake! We had great wind over the 5 days and it was a blast sailing with you Gents!!


Kathryn & Rodrigo get three perfect cloudy breezy rainy days for basic keel boat!

You never know what summer time will bring when teaching a sailing course. You are of course guaranteed warm water and this year we got two beautiful cloudy days and had the opportunity to sail through some refreshingly rain showers. That doesn’t happen all that often. Kathryn from the Alamos mine up in northern Sonora… Continue Reading