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ASA Cruising Catamaran 114 live aboard 3 days two nights live aboard in Cancun

This course can be taught in Cancun or San Carlos. Pricing below is for Cancun.

OK so you are already a certified sailor with ASA. You have completed your 101 through 104 courses on a mono-hull and now you are ready to find out what it is like to sail a multi- hull. I like to call it going to the dark side because yes the dark side is very powerful and fun indeed. The advantages of sailing trimarans and catamarans are numerous and while there are disadvantages I think in the long run the positive far out weighs the negative. Here are some of the great advantages to, as an old salt friend and colorful waterfront character of ours Captain Bob from San Carlos always likes to say, sailing a boat with training wheels.

  1. Shallow draft means greater access to better anchorages and more cruising grounds
  2. Stability at anchorage. Catamarans are far nicer to live on at anchor.
  3. Low degree of heel. Most Cats are going to heal around 5 degrees max.
  4. Increased speed under sail means shorter passage times/greater ability to run from bad weather.
  5. Twin engines provide excellent maneuverability and redundancy.
  6. No lead ballasted keel thus do not sink.

What has always fascinated me is the history of the multihull. What many do not know is that the whole of Oceania was explored and colonized by the Polynesians in mutihulls long before Europeans every had the cajones to venture off shore in their lead ballasted sailing vessels, which by the way would sink like rocks when they sprung a leak. There is a wonderful book on the history of Polynesian navigation by David Henry Luis called We the Navigators that is a great read. Luis in 1964 became the first man to sail around the world in a catamara, via the Strait of Magellan, the South Pacific and the Cape of Good Hope.

The ASA Cruising Catamaran 114 course is taught as a 3 day 2 night live aboard. Pricing is below and the course fee covers all ASA registration fees, certification sticker, food and use of teaching materials during the course. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price so it is BYOB when the afternoon happy hour bell rings.

Course2 sailors3 sailors4 sailors
114 Cruising Catamaran2000.00 dollars per person1500.00 per person1000.00 per person




Our boats for ASA Cruising Catamaran or Cruising Multihull 114  are 40 foot Piver in San Carlos and a 40 foot Fontaine in Cancun