Whale Watching

Over the years I have observed so many whales on our sailing courses I have simply lost count of them all. Here is a drawing of the most common whale we have encountered over the years, the second largest living animal on the planet the fin whale.







Baleanoptera physalus

Common name: Fin whale or Fin backLength up to 85 ft.Birth wt. 2 tons, Adult wt. 30 to 80 tonsDiet: crustaceans, squid, fish, planktonthreats are entanglement in fishnets, Pollution, habitat destruction, hunting Whaling, human disturbance. Location: San Carlos Area In winter & spring


One of the best shots I have every seen here in the bay in san carlos were taken by a good friend of mine, Juan Pablo Gallo. This collage of images shows a group of Killer Whales attacking a pod of common dolphin here in San Carlos just a few miles off shore.




Images on left were shot in the summer of 2003 and the video is from our latest Whale Rescue in Aug of 2011