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Vince@ Isla Isabela
Vince@ Isla Isabela
Vince Rides a Manta @ Isla San Benedicto revillagigedos archipelago











A word from the owner and main Instructor here at Sail San Carlos.

I have been sailing in the Sea of Cortes and the west coast of Mexico now for 23 years with well over 25,000 Nautical Miles under my belt. From the Biosphere reserves of Isla San Pedro Martir in the Mid Gulf to the remote Revillagigedos Islands south of Cabo San Lucas to the Marquesa Islands. From the Indian ocean in western Australia and Indonesia to the reefs of Belize. From the west coast of Costa Rica’s Gulfo Dulce to Isla Cano. All of these places are so wonderful and special yet there is something about the Sea of Cortes that keeps pulling me back to San Carlos. So yet another season here in the Gulf starts in October of 2013. 

There really is no place like San Carlos to learn to sail. The coast of Sonora is much like the coast of Baja California. Remote and rocky with spectacular mountains and prime Sonoran desert colliding with the rich waters of the Sea of Cortes that produce a sailing experience you simply can not find any were in the United States. San Carlos is not an easy place to get to but those who come are well rewarded with a fantastic sailing experience.  We have two boats that we primarily sail on, a 36 ft. trimaran and 32 ft. monohull. 

Please feel free to email me for more information on a sailing course or customized package if needed at the following address, vradice@gmail.com


Here is the short Documentary that was produced by Thallassa France T.V. 3 network on our dorado documentary.    

Sincerely Vince & Ines