How to get to San Carlos

Bus Lines:


Tufesa Web Site

Tucson Station                                                                                                                                                                          Phoenix station

12 Av. 5550 S. 12th. Ave   Tucson Az.                                                                                                                             1614 N. 27th Ave Phoenix Az

520-294-3722      520-294-3780.                                                                                                                                      602-415-9900       602-415-9902


The Tufesa bus lines have an office in Phoenix and Tucson. The approximate  departure schedule for the bus that leaves Phoenix and arrives

 in Guaymas is below. The price from Phoenix varies but is around $65 dollars. So if you fly to Tucson or Phoenix and would like to avoid the relatively expensive international flight to Guaymas then this is great option. Bus takes around 8 to 10 hours from Phoenix to Guaymas.

current departure schedule: 6:45 am  12:30pm  5:30pm  6:20pm  8:30pm  9:20pm  10:00pm  12:00am

Tufesa does not take reservations and is a first come first serve bus line. Buses are in great shape and you will be on the same bus all the way to Guaymas.

Airlines that get you close to Guaymas/San Carlos:

U.S. Air, American, Delta, Volaris and Aero Mexico all fly into Hermosillo the state capital of Sonora which is a one hour drive from Guaymas San Carlos.

Volaris is a great airline that fly’s from Los Angeles or San Diego to Hermosillo the capital of Sonora.

AeroMexico is now flying from Las Vegas or Los Angeles or San Diego to Hermosillo as well.

These two options at the moment seem to be the best ways to fly to the San Carlos area. You can get taxi’s at the airport that will drop you in San Carlos for around 100 dollars or take a taxi to the bus station and bus to Guaymas for around 10 dollars per person and I will pick you up at the bus station in Guaymas which is a 10 minute car ride from San Carlos.

Airport Shuttles to the border from Phoenix or Tucson

Some of our more adventurous, creative and or frugal clients have arrived in San Carlos in the following manner. It is getting easier and easier to get here in this manner,  and it is very civilized indeed now to simply shuttle and bus it to San Carlos! This option often is faster as well depending on what time you flight arrives and what time the direct bus from Tufesa departs for Guaymas.

  • Get a flight to Phoenix or Tucson.

  • Hop on one of the many shuttle services at the airport that will take you directly to Nogales Arizona where you can walk approximately 100 yards to the border crossing. I will have more info and phone numbers on those shuttles soon but the shuttles cost around 25 dollars to get you to the border.

  • Once you have arrived in Nogales walk across the border, clear customs and immigration and hop on one of the many regional buses that depart south every 15 minutes.

  • Get off at Guaymas and I will pick you up at the bus station. Bus service from the Nogales Sonora to Guaymas costs around 15 dollars, I will soon list all of all the bus lines in Nogales. By arriving in this manner you avoid the relatively expensive international plane flight from Phoenix to Guaymas.

Here is Sahuaro Roadrunner Shuttle service from Phoenix or Tucson to Nogales both ways  This company has a coupon you can print up from their web site listed as an internet special for round trip transportation from Tucson to Nogales for $18 dollars. Pretty darn reasonable.

After a recent trip to the Border I have acquired more info on shuttle services. Below is a list of shuttle services that work literally a stones throw from the downtown Nogales border crossing. So if you are walking across the border from Mexico you simply go through Customs and Immigration. Upon your Exit from customs walk about 25 yards and climb the stairway that leads to the left. There you will find perhaps a dozen or more shuttle services, and private taxis and the Grey Hound Crucero Bus depot to take you to your destination. : Here is their toll free number, Crucero, 1-800-531-5332, is a bus line associated with Greyhound.

Shuttle Mexico LLC: These guys have offices located in Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, and Douglas, Arizona. Phone numbers are 480-464-2988 or 602-233-0077

Nogales Border Shuttle: These guys are located right at the top of the stairway on 30 N. Terrace Ave. Nogales Az. They have offices in Nogales and Phoenix and apparantly will take you all the way to Vegas is so desired. Phone numbers are as follows, Nogales Az. 520-287-6059 or Phoenix 623-849-6209.