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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mounting Solar Panels installing Fridge

Today was pretty busy, Rafa our welder showed up as well as my father in law so we were fabricating the solar panel super structure and finishing the compartment for our new Edge Star refrigerator.

We worked well into the night, tomorrow we finish up!


Rafa Grinding tubes
Argon Gas For Welding Stainless Tubes
Welding Gear on Dock
Last Tube to Weld Tonight
Last Weld of the Night
Grinding late into night
Port side Tubes Structure almost ready





Sunset Sail in San Carlos Sonora

Sunset Sail in San Carlos Sonora

It was nuking out there today but I had some hard core sailors from Arivaca Arizona with us today. Double reefed main and staysail was plenty of sail and there were some huge swells on the out side.

It was so nice today we are going out tomorrow for another session!!!


Look at the Swell in the back ground








The boys Sailing in San Carlos
Preparing to get Splashed
Nice Swells with Teta Kawi in Back Ground
Sailing in the Fog

Sailing in the Fog

Today was simply a special day sailing with light south westerly breezes and fog covered mountains in the back ground. Special thanks to Ron and Ann from Green Valley since if it had not been for them I might  not have shot these images!!!! I will put up a short time lapse video latter if it looks nice after editing!!


Fog Rolling into Bahia San Carlos



Ron & Ann with Fog & Teta Kawi in Background


Ron & Fog Covered Teta Kawi


Sailing in San Carlos fog in distance
A Ketch Rigged Monohull Sails into Bahia San Carlos
Ann & Ron in front of Punta Doble, San Carlos


Ron Tim & Kurt´s Sailing Course

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The video below was shot from days 5 through 8 of the course. We had pretty good wind on the last 4 days!!

This was a great 8 day course. We had a full 7 days of Wind and the only thing I can complain about was that the fishing was very bad this week and we did not catch any fish what so ever. I even got skunked spear fishing, which rarely happens.

Here is a quick video of a quick stop man over board drill we practiced on a light wind day. I will finish up the last video shortly and post it soon.