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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Windsplitter departs Cabo San Lucas today for Vallarta via isla’s San Benedicto & Soccorro

Windsplitter departs Cabo San Lucas today for Vallarta via isla’s San Benedicto & Soccorro

So we are finally leaving Cabo San Lucas. It would appear that the first of the tropical storms of the season have dissipated and it is time for us to take off for the remote Revillagigedos Islands and then on to Vallarta and destinations south.


I have to admit I love the scenic beauty of the Cabo Area but it is tough to hang here with all the crazy tourists around. Just yesterday we were informed by API, the federal port authority that it costs 200 pesos a night just to anchor here in the bay at Cabo. We promptly left the and anchored at the popular Bahia Santa Maria about 5 miles north of Cabo. API had us on record for being anchored for two night in the bay and demanded we pay them right there and then when we had actually been here almost a week. We essentially refused to pay the fee since we were never informed of the fact that there were any anchoring fees in Cabo. So let that be a warning for any other cruisers on their way south. In Cabo San Lucas they will try to extract money out of you just for the service of allowing your anchor to dig into the Sand.


That means it is time to go to the real Mexico. Old Mexico so we are out of here so, SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH SEA OF CORTES, we will be coming back next year some time!!!!!


Should be in Vallarta sometime around the first 10 days of June if all goes well and with any luck we will have some fantastic stories and images to share.


Windsplitter is anchored in Cabo San Lucas

Windsplitter is anchored in Cabo San Lucas


We are preparing the boat to make the push to San Benedicto and Socorro islands in the Revillagigedos. Will upload more info and pictures before we leave.