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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Kim From Alaska, 7 days of wind and warm water!

Kim From Alaska, 7 days of wind and warm water!


I always tell my prospective sailing students to come in October. It is the nicest month of year. Warm water and the beginning of the north west winds. This year was no exception. The water was indeed warm and the air temps were as well and we caught many fish this week, including several sierra not pictured above. I have helped Kim look at several boats during the week and with any luck Kim will soon have her affairs settled in Anchorage and be on her way to her new adventure of sailing the Sea of Cortes!!


We helped save Ms Toni a 40 foot Jim Brown, she is out of the water and safe!

Ms. Toni is a 40 ft. Jim Brown. The owner had some serious health issues and the boat was left for a few years basically unattended here in the San Carlos at the Los Tomates anchorage in San Carlos Bay. We got the boat put into the Marina just before Hurricane Newton devastated the area with 70 knot winds. We were happy to get Ms. Toni tied up to the Marina and safe since the hurricane pretty much swept clean any boats that were left in the bay. Yesterday we finally got her towed to the boat yard in Guaymas and safely pulled out of the water. While Ms. Toni was on the hook she was frequently boarded and robbed of several things. Solar Panels are gone along with the steering wheel and I am sure a host of other items. With that said the boat is still in great shape considering her ordeal. We were so happy to make sure she did not die in this last hurricane!! Thanks to Frank, one of my Sailing Students from New York who took the time to help me get her to Guaymas. It was an all day affair!!