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Docking Lessons on Ken’s new 34 Gemini Luna Sea

Docking Lessons on Ken’s new 34 Gemini Luna Sea

A few months ago I blogged about the great a little sailing adventure I had delivering a very clean Catalina 30 from Vallarta to San Carlos. The name of the boat was Esprit. Ken was off loading Esprit after his purchase of a 34 Gemini named LunaSea. Ken was unfamiliar with how to dock LunaSea so I gave him a couple of pointers on how to park her at the Marina San Carlos. He has one of the toughest spots to dock the boat when there is a northwesterly wind in the marina. This was the first time I had a chance to drive a 34 Gemini and I have to say I was pretty impressed with how it motored. Due to the inboard outboard design you can pretty much drive this boat like a car. You can back up in any direction you like, for as long as you like I might add, and you can turn the boat around in circles clock wise or counter clockwise in tight quarters fairly easily. So I congradulate Ken and Iris on a major upgrade in boating. Going from a Catalina 30 to a Gemini 34 is a whole new world. Welcome to what I like to affectionately call the dark side of sailing, Mulitihulls! And yes Luke the dark side is powerful indeed!!!



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