Hirovaga our Union Polaris 37

This page is under construction please bare with us for a moment since I still have many picture to take of the cock pit and the exterior of the boat.!!!!

Hirovaga is a Union Polaris 37 that according to a Practical Sailor review , best represents the many facets of the Taiwan-U.S. boat building industry in the 1970s and 80s. The design was created by  naval architect Robert H. Perry  and originally conceived as the Hans Christian 34, eventually the boat was stretched 2 feet adding a foot in the center and a foot aft of the cockpit. These boats were built tough with lot’s of teak inside and out. Hiovaga, as many other sisiter ships no longer has a teak deck but the cockpit still retains it’s classic all teak look. Hirovaga is a classic blue water cruiser that is the perfect vessel for exploring the Sea of Cortes.