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Dialing in a Halman 20 in San Carlos

I had the vast pleasure of sailing a Halman 20 the other day here in San Carlos. The boat came with a house purchase and I helped the new owner get the boat a bit sorted out. Halman Manufacturing Company built boats from 1978 to 1997 based out of Ontario Canada. The boats are serious little affairs and it would seem to me built to take the punishment that the great lakes can dish out to any would be sailor. Halman built 7 different models according to Sailboat Data. The boat I sailed here in San Carlos seemed as sold as a rock and had very decent performance for something so small. Even though the boat was only 20 feet long it has a slightly bigger feel to it. There was an enormous amount of space on the foredeck and it was remarkably easy to walk up there on such a small vessel. The interior was spacious and decent head room considering the size of the boat. Here is another interesting site on Halman 20’s. Apparently there are virtually no owners manuals for these boats but if you go to this link you might be able find one. This previous link has some great stories on Halman boats with one even ending up in Australia!

The following is cut and pasted from the link above:

Halman 20 Owners – Check this out!!!!  Seems that “Mr. Halmans” factory built a lot of 20 ft. boats, but didn’t build too many manuals – and probably because people were so eager to go sailing, they weren’t going to take the time to do any serious writing or reading. If he was wrong, and you really do like to read and learn something new…. then here’s something make your day! Mr. Colin Starratt has compiled a manual of notes from being a Halman owner and has graciously offered to share that with us. If you’d like a copy, send me an e-mail at [Lmay@nordicaboats.com] and I’ll forward it to you. He’s done a great job in combining photos, sketches and real “meat and potatoes” perspectives from an owners viewpoint. The price to you for his work is simple, you have to send him a note of thanks and appreciation for his efforts. Absolutely the best deal you’ve run across for a long time I’d bet. The file is a “PDF” document and is about 40+ pages long.

Thanks Colin for all of your work. Your efforts will be appreciated many times over by all of the existing and new Halman owners who read and learn from your work. As an update to this “better than free” offer, there have been a lot of requests for his manual and I hope Colin is getting his e-mail box stuffed with your notes of appreciation.


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  1. It is a Halman. I built the cabin height extension. The fixed ports were polycarbonate. The addition wood was varnished. The companion way et al, original to the boat, were kept and integrated into the new design. All fastening was with epoxy resins. Her name was Zephyr.

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